so you dream of conquering me, right?

why not give it a shot, to conquer my attention (ยด๊’ณ`)

too much work and risk? For the faint of heart, I now offer a bulletproof way, to get what you want… โ™ฅ
let me help you with a favor I love to do to nice gentlemen in need:

The Virtual Internet Girlfriend Experience.

secure, spontaneous, discreet… incognito if desired



…or both


I’d love to be your ideal virtual girlfriend, the way you prefer me to…
With me on your side you’d get to determine when, for how long, where, the style, and what you want to get out of it… all through the Internet
It could be a classical relationship, a “one-night-stand“, or anything in between,
where “GFE” is an oversimplification and just stands for the maximum I feel I could comfortably offer to my partner.
What do I get out of it? Great experience <3

Find out what I’d love to do with you ๐Ÿ˜

The Menu

get a grasp of what it would feel like,
if I were Your girlfriend,
through a playful, exclusive GFE social feed of me, from the (real) Point-Of-View of a girlfriend to her partner

I’ll be your personal internet girlfriend

  • trays:
    • The Bite
    • The Slice
    • The Cake
    • The Cake with whipped cream ๐Ÿฅ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿช๐Ÿง‰
  • single goodies – The Cake Layers:
    messaging, live calls, media, physical items

suggestions from you are appreciated ^^

  • contact me ONLY HERE, under the “GF” point, by sending me the exact name of your preferred GFE, and letting me know all the asked details
  • we may talk about expectations, possibilities etc. and construct the experience together, before starting
  • I’ll let you know when I have time, and let’s go ๐Ÿ˜›

you might:

  • prefer to conceal your identity, for absolute discretion
  • not want to put yourself physically out there, especially for security reasons
  • not feel comfortable in your own body for various reasons
  • want to avoid health problems
  • not always have the time for physical dates
  • want to have someone be at your disposal in the background, someone who secretly texts you while you’re busy (at work) or in company
  • not be able or willing to move, go out or receive guests
  • not want to cheat on your partner
  • not want to create emotional attachment, serious memories or risk possible trauma
  • be socially awkward or asocial

the motives are very personal, but there’s nothing wrong with seeking this kind of thing, especially when finding a partner in real life is very hard, tiresome and inconvenient ๐Ÿ™‚
Some reasons could be to:

  • know what it would feel like to be in a relationship (with me)
  • have the wanted aspects of a relationship, without the time-investment, responsibility, limitations and unwanted parts
  • have some fun, try something new
  • learn how to approach a girl (build social-, flirting- and dating-skills)
  • discover yourself, what you like and don’t like

…all safely, with a guarantee of never getting rejected and an opportunity of trial and error โ€“ without time limit, and leaving whenever you want

everyone’s unique, so I’m not replaceable either: you’ll find no girl like me, whether it’d be looks or my personality, which you can get a glimpse of on this website…

If I’m just exactly your type, just go for me ^^


What I have to offer, which is unequaled, is especially my specific kind of wisdom, life experience and skill, which makes me treat this professionally studied subject really seriously, and have me add nuances that are based on an entire attraction & healing philosophy I’ve built up.

I can read minds very well, which takes the personalization to another level…

I’m also fresh in this scene, so we will be making our first experiences together for real, and it’ll be exciting for both!

If you’re not just looking for a random girl’s body or attention, but you actually are curious about me, regardless of the service… here’s your opportunity to get to know me deeply โฅ

it will be as real as an internet relationship with a virtual (please look this word up!) fantasy girl can get…
You get to see the real, genuine miu in anything that happens between you & me.
This is a service, but not an act, as I won’t step out of my role or what I am (off and on the Internet).

You’ll discover: As a nymph, I’m naturally very likeable, social (although reserved), open, empathetic, affectionate, playful and excited, and therefore not prone to needing to act or fake.
I’ll be more than happy to get to know and pamperโ€ฆ someone who likes me and does me good (*^^*)
Also, it is natural for all kinds of real emotions to emerge ๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒง

one thing you should not forget: this is still a fantasy, as whatever happens, happens in my video-game-, not physical form.
And those reverse universes, which lay in different dimensions, shall not be mixed, even though they are different sides of the same coin.
So here come the limits: By getting in contact with me, paying or joining my website, profiles, groups and rooms, you agree to understand and respect them.

  • I strictly only exist on the Internet, on a screen and in your head
  • I can’t give you genuine LOVE or CONTROL
  • this is between you and me (not the public): I won’t show up as a “trophy wife”
  • I don’t show everything. Iโ€™m excited to tease you and to set the most glamorous and dreamy mood, Iโ€™ll leave just an impeccable 1% of me to the imaginationโ€ฆ

    you will not miss out on anything โ€“ the mystery is exactly one of the reasons our experience will be the most enchanting, and keep you coming back ๐ŸŒ 

  • I won’t role play here (for that, please check out this site of mine).
    I only do what I’d voluntarily do with my partner, which is the way I naturally am.
    I’ll inform and keep you up to date with my uncharted boundaries (if you want to) as we go on, and you agree to fully respect them to keep the experience going (no refunds for having expected softer boundaries)
  • in the GFE, don’t expect me to commit to you outside of our play
  • I can constrain, interrupt or cancel at any moment, for personal reasons… in that case: You’d only pay up to that point or get a partial refund
  • no obscene, vulgar or profane language
  • please respect my turn offs, when I disclose them to you
  • this conduct, including the following: Showing my content-behind-paywall to others without my consent, is against the Terms of Service* as well as the law.

If you want to (spontaneously) end the experience in a similar way, you can do so, but I still ask you to fulfill your responsiibility up to that point.

If you are unsatisfied, on the other hand, I offer no charge-back, unless I, for some reason, didn’t offer at all what I’ve written here.

To avoid wrong expectations:

  • I’m open to discuss all the details with you personally, before ordering a product or getting into a GFE with me
  • for more expensive and extended experiences… how about doing a test-phase, where, if you opt out, you still get a gift from me for the time commitment?

prefer some role-play?

It might not be what I usually do, but as someone who enjoys fooling around…

for pretend to be, cosplay and me playing any role that isn’t me,
please check out my Dark Site maelumiu.