I dress up, eat, talk (about random, fun, deep and crazy stuff), dance, sing, meow, purr, tease… and of course, I practice the piano together with you to share my newly found passion 🎡 improvising, learning and teaching…
I give concerts every once in a while, too.

my preferred styles are:
modern (esp. 2010 era) and vintage pop (also German and Italian), alternative, rock, film score, Schlager…

Check out my Spotify profile, to discover what artists I follow 🎧

be patient for me to learn songs I’ve never heard or don’t know well πŸ™ˆ
I’m happy to get to know Your favorite music, learn it and play it on our next show!


My philosophy

I’m excited to undress for you and play, and to set the most glamorous and dreamy mood,
I’ll leave just an impeccable 1% of me to the imagination…

keeping it classy and modest, but still wild, passionate and a lil naughty 🀭

you will not miss out on anything – the mystery is exactly one of the reasons our experience will be the most enchanting, and keep you coming back 🌠

CONTACT ME HERE TO Get to see everything I do for you live – things are getting hot πŸ”₯