โ€“ I try my best to stick to them โ™ฅ โ€“

I’m generally available to respond to anything professional (and non-) on weekdays Monday – Thursday at Central European Time 2PM – 4PM.

While for purchased services I am absolutely conscientious, reliable and punctual,
when it comes to informal and voluntary stuff (which includes starting a chat), I claim my right to refrain from the responsibility to respond or deliver, when I don’t feel like it, without the need for justification.

I am a very active and busy woman, between study, work, duties and hobbies.
I do take predominantly announced, mostly short breaks:
full internet breaks and holidays are rare. It’s mostly for new content production, upgrades, big projects, seeking inspiration, and/or working on coming back better ๐ŸŒธ

posts on exclusive socialsat least once a day
reply to your start of a casual chat herewithin one weekday
reply to messages sent to me herewithin two weekdays, provided that the steps explained there are followed correctly
anything urgent sent to me hereasap
sending extra contentwithin 2 weekdays
while for custom content it depends on the case. Iโ€™ll let you know how long you need to wait, for your request to be fulfilled
please request intensive chats, and callsthree days before
physical items from meI will let you know when you should receive them, once you request them